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This site is a welcome to you – to find the tools and method you need to dive more deeply into your heart and find your way home.

I teach what I have learned & integrated in my life (and continue to learn and grow).  I am a lifetime student constantly curious – and in that curiosity, I want to teach and give back the gifts that I have been given…with Gratitude.  This site is set up to give information on several different modalities as tools on your path back to wholeness.  An invitation to try something new – or expand what you are doing in a safe and non-judgmental way.  It is an opportunity to explore yoga and other bodywork practices to awaken you – to help you find your most authentic self.

Come and ‘play’ and find your way back Home, to your Heart, through your body.

Thank you to everyone who purchased a 2015 Yoga Charity Calendar for your support!

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