Connections – power to the people

Do you ever watch the geese flying in a ‘V-shape’ and wonder why?  Those incredible birds know something we don’t about working together in community to create a larger potential than any of the individuals on their own.  They work together and rely on each other so they can all fly higher and longer.

I’ve been a loner much of my younger life.  I wasn’t sure I could trust others.  I believed if I needed or wanted something done – I could get it done better, quicker and with less stress by doing it myself.  And off I went into the world – with that belief and understanding.

This idea served me well in so many areas of my life.  I accomplished a lot and ‘nailed’ a lot of things down.  I got stuff done – checked things off my to do list and made my way in the world in the best way I possibly could as a stand alone entity.  Interesting, as I reflect back now, the idea that I was self-reliant, self-sufficient and needed no one was productive yet also exhausting and lonely at times.

I look back and wonder, what tainted my trust of others so young?  Why did I believe it was ‘me against the world’?  

Have you felt that way in any area of your life or do you feel that way now?

Looking back I can smile at the naiveté I drove forward with in my younger years.  I also honour my feelings and trust how I felt in those years.  I’ve spent many years delving into my inner knowing and beliefs.  I continue to unravel the long set patterns I developed to protect myself and my life.

A large piece of my healing path has been my introduction to yoga and a healthier awareness of my own being.   I have been drawn to know myself better while choosing to take full responsibility for my life (without blaming others).  This work is exhausting and exhilarating.   It is not a stand alone process!  I need my circle – my community – to check myself at times, to listen to my insights wholeheartedly, to cheer me on at times and to gently invite a broader perspective when I narrow.

My journey continues to teach me daily about vulnerability and trust.  Learning to open my heart again and again with discernment and healthy boundaries so I don’t miss out on opportunities to love and expand my life experiences.   Learning that in this amazing, beautiful life, I need others to lean on at times – to broaden my perspective and soften my resolve – to let go of control – to be patient and kind  – to gain greater empathy and awareness.  I continue to learn.

I believe:
we all want to connect
we want to know, love and accept ourselves so that we can love & accept others
we are here to ‘walk each other home to our hearts’ through living and interactions
we are meant to fall, get up, learn, heal and help others
we are here to learn about ourselves and life through our relationships
we are here to care but not carry others
we are here to both give and receive love (life & fully living requires both)
we cannot do it alone (not really).

Where in your life do you go it alone?  Where do you harden your resolve & lose flexibility & options?

Are you willing to try a different way?  Willing to open yourself to trust & be vulnerable?

Like the beautiful birds flying in a ‘V’ formation assisting the whole flock to fly higher and longer because each individual does their part and supports the bigger picture.  They rely on their connection.

Do your work.  Find your flock  and cozy up alongside them – they will lift you higher than you can possibly imagine on your own.  Strength in numbers.    It’s time to FLY.
Love & Light

Living an Inspired and Empowered Life (Part1)


Living an Inspired and Empowered Life (Part1)

I strive everyday to grow into the possibility of my fullest expression of love.  I walk, run, jump and fall in so many ways as I continue to feel myself shift and heal.  The flying part has been exhilarating and uplifting while the stumbling and falling parts have been the greatest catalysts to my evolution as a soulful person.

I have just returned from an incredible visit to BC with one of my closest friends.  While there, we hiked in the forests, mountains and spent time at the ocean.  Each day provided opportunities for us to delve deep into our thoughts, ideas, plans and beliefs.  I’m grateful for the chance to slow down in my life & reflect in an expanded way on the course of my journey.

I’d like to share some of my musings on what I have come to believe about life and living fully.  These ideas work for me, breath them in and see if there is something that resonates for you in your life.

Know Yourself Deeply
I believe the most important thing we need to do is lean in and open our hearts to ourselves so that we can discover the depths of our nature and what makes us tick.  Once we begin this internal excavation, we learn our needs, our desires and our goals.  From that understanding, we can chart a path in our lives that honours our calling and allows us to be in service to others.

Accept Yourself Fully
I don’t always like things about myself – and I am softening to those edges within me.  I believe that in order to impact my life and the lives of those I teach in an expansive and loving way, I need to embody the philosophy of  unconditional acceptance.  Can I accept that I am perfectly imperfect and continue to walk my path with integrity as I grow.  In that energy, I can truly accept others as they are on their path of discovery.

Love Yourself Wholly
I am consciously, continually working to love who I am – the whole of who I am.  Last month I wrote about my adventures with The Shadow Process (through the Ford Institute).  It is a labour of necessity to love all of my qualities – the light and the dark.  I know, I am who I am because of the fullness of my being – the full spectrum of emotions, behavious and attributes.

Life isn’t always easy.  There is a Sanskrit term ‘Spanda’ and it means pulsation – light & dark; day & night; inhale and exhale.  Life is full and everything will wax and wane – there will be joy & sorrow, comfort & discomfort, health & illness, etc.  Life is the full spectrum of all experiences.  We can’t live in one state for the entirety of our lives – it’s not realistic.  We must find a balance to ride the waves of life more gracefully – to learn to surf the tides knowing that we will fall off of our surf boards but we can get back up and try again.  Each time we gain more experience and build a resiliency.

Become less rigid because life will have struggles.  Learn to slow down, breathe and allow the situtation to inform you about what you can and cannot do. Loosen the structures that bind you, soften the containers that take away your free choice and broaden the beliefs that limit your life.

Life is a Journey of Discovery – We are here to remember our Truth and live authentically.  We are here to reconnect with our Essence and deepen our relationship with Source.  We are here in service to the whole – shining our lights.  Through the process of unfurling, we become the best that we can be.

I am fully committed to becoming the most loving and accepting person I can be.  I am dedicated to diving in and with loving eyes, see the truth of what is there so I can live in integrity.
How about you?  Are you willing to free up old ways of being and try something new? You never know what you will uncover – isn’t that exciting?

With much love, acceptance and light,

Do You Know Your Shadow?

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Do You Know Your Shadow?

Recently, I returned from an intense and transformative weekend doing Shadow work.

Since I was a child, I’ve loved the idea of shadows – the lure and excitement of the unknown.  All of the mystery surrounding the concept has intrigued and fascinated me over the years.

What is your Shadow anyway?  In this Shadow Process, I learned that your shadow is a quality or qualities that you don’t accept or own.  Something hidden from your conscious mind.

Heading into this personal work, I had some ideas and feelings about what my shadows were.  Years of self-help books and courses have given me some insight into my own ‘stuff’.  But, in the last few years, working with friends who do truth-excavating (digging for the truth of who you are by not avoiding anything ) plus working with the yogic philosophy of Student Self-Determination and empowerment with Devatree has been a wonderful opportunity for me to integrate what I’ve learned in order to grow.

Now, it was time now to dive in deeper and feel some of the shadow qualities I’d pushed down and away.  Leaning in (admittedly, with some fear and anxiety), I decided to play full out and allow this work to move through me.

It was intense, emotional, unsettling at times, heart-opening and freeing.  I was struck at the depth of what arose and at the synchronized exercises and explorations done in a strategic way to facilitate the healing.

I was also surprised to learn that the shadow includes positive traits and qualities that we’ve ignored or not accepted about ourselves.  It was deep and powerful work.

Coming out the other side of this shadow work, I continue to process and integrate this experience, I have a new appreciation for myself, my work and my life.  I realize that in order for me to be fully functioning, fully alive and fully loving – I must be willing to own, embrace and heal all of who I am (the light loving qualities and the denser, less popular ones like anger, resentment, frustration, etc.)

I believe that to be alive and have access to the vast spectrum of emotions, we must shine our lights on everything about ourselves – to lean in, explore and allow the unfolding.  We must ‘feel it to heal it’ and not always bypass the struggle but know that embracing it can shift it.  The best way through something is through it!

The fear of not knowing can withhold an immense and expansive opportunity to shift and heal emotions, qualities and patterns in our lives that keep us small.  By feeling and allowing we can grow.

Welcome the light and the dark.  Welcome the totality of who you are.  Welcome every opportunity to learn more about yourself.  It is empowering and will allow you to be in your human experience more whole.  I’m IN …. what about you?

The Journey


The Journey

Over the years, several people have asked me what they could read or what course they could take to understand what I teach and how I live. I remember being somewhat speechless thinking – I have no idea! 

Pondering this question, I began thinking about how I arrived at what I do and what I believe today versus 5, 10, 20 years ago. I believe we all have uniquely brilliant lives unfurling & unfolding in Divine timing through our individual experiences and challenges.

We are shown opportunities to open doors into our consciousness – given keys to unlock the untapped potential within ourselves on a consistent basis throughout our lives. People are drawn to us – teachers, mentors, friends and guides. If we are aware and awake enough to feel the resonance – and invite the chance in – we can learn so much about ourselves and about living more fully. 

Sometimes the situation requires us to take a step – forward or back – to make a more conscious choice – or sometimes it requires us to be patient as more information reveals itself. 

My personality type likes to lean into it – move – step or even jump with a leap of faith. It’s more challenging for me to sit quietly and listen within. Something I continue to cultivate more and more everyday.

I believe that each situation, circumstance, relationship and event in my life has been for my growth, understanding and learning. I feel without all of what I have lived and experienced – I wouldn’t be as aware of who I am or where I find myself today. I feel the choices I’ve made, have lead me to the exact teachers and people who’ve guided my journey. I now realize that the biggest bouts of growth were always the ones challenging me to know, accept, love and respect myself enough to set healthy boundaries and live more authentically.

Sometimes the insight comes through a book – other times, it’s a teacher, a training or a course – and yet other times it’s the loving, honest feedback and counsel of true friends that excavate a truth you weren’t acknowledging. In the end, it’s always taking the information given and sitting down alone in the quiet stillness to grasp the depth of what is true for you. Taking it in and asking what it means – does it resonate – does it illicit a heartfelt response.

It’s the totality of your life experiences and how you integrate them – how you assimilate the information into your life in the best way possible for your Highest Good & Greatest Joy.


Love and Light,