These workshops will aid in recognizing physical patterns of holding in the body.  We will target major areas of the body using yoga, therapeutic essentials, conditioning movements, ball & roller work, stretches, and breath in order to release tension and stress in the fascia and muscles.

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LIFE STRETCH classes or workshops

A Life Stretch class is a mobility-stretch class designed to help individuals  become more flexible in mind, body and spirit.  Classes are unique and encourage individual expression of the movements with guidance and cues to enable a fuller experience from the inside out – listening to the body, focusing on breath, self-traction and building resiliency.



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Book one or more of the following workshops, and I will come to you! These specialty workshops are available to be scheduled on-site at your studio. A great opportunity for your students and/or staff!

Yoga, Anatomy & Therapeutic Essentials for Common Injuries
Deepening your understanding of the anatomy of common injuries such as rotator cuff, sciatica, S.I. joints, and muscle tearing will allow you to offer tools and techniques for healing with more mindfulness. Learn about and practice specific therapeutic essentials for these injuries and more.

Yoga, Anatomy & Therapeutic Essentials for Special Conditions
There are a number of amazing and beneficial therapeutic essentials that can ease discomfort for those with special conditions. Be it diabetes, arthritis, pregnancy, or another condition, learn which therapeutic essentials to offer when, and gain a greater understanding of the way these tools impact the systems of the body.

Full Body Fascial Release
A full range of yoga, therapeutic essentials, ball therapeutics, movements, exercises, and conditioning movements for release of the fascia in both the upper and lower body.

Introduction to the Psoas Muscle
The Psoas Muscle is a deep muscle that holds tension, stress, and activates during our “fight or flight” response. Learn about this instinctual muscle and how to stretch and release it through yoga, therapeutic essentials, and energetics both physical and emotional.

From Fear to Flying
A playful and fun workshop for working on advanced poses. Handstand, Headstand, 8-Crooked Angle Pose – everyone can play with these postures! Feel safe and supported as you learn how to take baby steps toward bigger poses.

Leading an Inspired & Empowered Life
It is my absolute passion is to support and guide others on their path to leading an inspired and empowered life. Learn how to stay present, how to trust the wisdom of your own body, and how to stay heart-centered in your life and in your practice. Cultivate a new awareness and perspective and learn how every circumstance, relationship, and situation  can be a path to more freedom and joy.

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I teach the Anatomy of Yoga for 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings in London, Toronto and the Owen Sound, ON  for DevaTree School of Yoga.